The safe rider program is an initiative to educate personal watercraft users on safety while asking them to sign a pledge committing to the safe and responsible operation of their PWC. 

The pledge, which is easy to remember by the acryonm S.A.F.E. R.I.D.E.R, asks Personal Watercraft users to take the following steps toward fun and safety:

  • Scan the water for hazards and other boats
  • Avoid aggressive manuevers
  • Follow local boating laws, including rules to prevent the transfer of invasive species
  • Examine your equipment
  • React to Conditions
  • Insist on a safe distance from other boats, swimmers and fixed objects
  • Drive sober
  • Evaluate weather and waterways¬†
  • Respect the environment by avoiding fuel spills and operating close to marine life

To take the pledge, visit the Safe Rider Pledge page.